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Anticipating Volcanic Eruptions

My work focuses data visualization and machine learning techniques to analyze volcanic time-series data. Along with a multidisciplinary team of volcanologists from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and across the globe, we undertake research to better understand all aspects of volcanic behavior, with impacts ranging from protecting cities near volcanoes to answering the question of what killed the dinoaurs.

  • Read more about Lamont-Doherty‚Äôs AVERT project performing real-time, multi-sensor observational experiments on two Alaskan volcanoes.
  • Check out my chat with National Geographic (or Eos News) on why the public may be (overly) concerned about major earthquakes triggering volcanic eruptions...
  • ...based on my undergraduate research with Michael Manga and the Deccan Traps Research group at UC Berkeley.